Eggs Hatching (DMO)

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Hatching Eggs is a method to obtain a partner Digimon

Hatching Eggs in Digimon Masters Online requires 2 things. A partner egg, and DATA Chips.

Each Digimon egg requires a certain amount of DATA Chips and a certain type of chip.

However, hatching is not always successful. Eggs can sometimes break in the process of attempting to hatch an egg.

List of Digimon & Chip Amount

(NOTE: The list is incomplete at the time, but more Digimon should be coming in soon)

Agumon - 5 Reptile Chips i026.jpg

Gabumon - 5 Beast Chips i022.jpg

Drimogemon - 1 Beast Chip i022.jpg

Demidevimon - 3 Dark Chips i024.jpg

Impmon - 10 Dark Chips i024.jpg

Renamon - 10 Beast Chips i022.jpg

DemiMeramon - 1 Fire Chip i028.jpg

Gotsumon - 2 Rock Chips i023.jpg

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