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    Default I'm new to digimon! ..literally

    What is Dorumon carrying on his forehead?
    Ok, im a big pokemon fan. (cheer)

    i know NOTHING about digimon, so go easy on me xD. If anyone could tutor me the basics it would be AWESOME!!

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    I just made my account a few days ago. I am new to the game, and so far I am havigna hell of a time trying to collect virus disks to hatch my Goblimon. Also I hope that there are various versions of Digimon like Virus MetalGraymon being gettable.

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    Ello ello~
    I'm not a newbie at all to the fandom or to the games really. I've been a Pokemon fan longer than a Digimon one, however, but only by like two years. Though I guess I could impart some basic knowledge~

    Digimon, like Pokemon, come in a wide variety of forms and types.
    To start, Digimon have three attributes that are commonly seen and they are
    1. Virus
    2. Data
    3. Vaccine

    They are sort of equivalent to Pokemon types as there are type advantages. Virus is effective against Data, Data is effective against Vaccine, and Vaccine is effective against Virus. There are Digis without an attribute and another special attribute that is effective against all others without having a weakness of its own.

    Now, there are also elements. I'm not going to list them all but there's Fire, Wood, Light Pitch Black, Lightning, Ice, and I can't remember the others right now. They work also like Pokemon types and each Digimon (at least in Digimon Masters online is strong to one element and weak to another). All attacks also have an element that it corresponds to unless it is neutral (no element).

    Next we can discuss Digivolution. Digimon evolve just like Pokemon in the sense that there are different levels of growth. They are classified into forms/levels.

    I will give a line of Dorumon as an example.
    Note: The second name you see after the dash is the Japanese name for that level.

    1. Fresh/Baby (form after just hatching from the egg) - Dodomon
    2. In-Training/Baby II (has no attribute yet) - Dorimon
    3. Rookie/Child (now has attribute and elemental affinity) - Dorumon
    4. Champion/Adult - Dorogamon
    5. Ultimate/ Perfect - Dorugreymon
    6. Mega/ Ultimate - Dorugoramon

    Though unlike most Pokemon, All digimon do not have a set path of evolution they have to follow. Dorumon, for example, has a number of different Champions that it can become that result in a different line.

    Dorumon - DexDorugamon - DexDorugreymon - DexDorugoramon
    Dorumon - ReptileDramon - StrikeDramon - Alphamon
    or in the case of the movie X-Evolution

    Dorugreymon - Alphamon.

    There are also special digivolutions that can occur given certain circumstances like Armor Digivolutions (when a special digi-egg is used like Veemon -> Flamedramon), DNA/Jogress (ExVeemon + Stingmon -> Paildramon or Wargreymon + MetalGarurumon - Omnimon). There are also form changes that also occur under special conditions like Gallantmon -> Gallantmon CrimsonMode (CM). In all cases, after each special digivolution the original digimon(s) are much stronger than they were originally.

    Anime Knowledge:

    There are a total seven seaons and only two pairs follow directly from each other.

    Digimon Adventure
    Digimon Adventure 02 - direct sequel of Adventure
    Digimon Tamers
    Digimon Frontier
    Digimon Savers (Data Squad)
    Digimon Xros Wars (Fusion)
    Digimon Xros Wars Season 2 (has a new main protagonist)


    There are a lot. <_<

    There's the Digimon World Series (1-3 are on PS1 4 is on Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube). Digimon World Data Squad is also on the PS2.
    Then there are the Portable games for DS like Dawn and Dusk and World Championship.
    And the two Digimon Rumble Arena games (1 on PS1 2 on PS2, Xbox, and GC)
    The two MMORPGs are Digmon Masters Online (DMO) and Digimon Battle Online (aka DRO for some and DBO for others).

    I've missed quite a few of these but I'm sure you can find out the others.
    Any questions? XD

    Well it's been quite some time eh?

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