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    Default Digimon World 1 (PSX) Project

    All right, I love this game to death, it's actually one of my favourites if not my favourite and since I love this game so much I dedicated myself to have a custom Editor that lets you chance several things.
    Only problem is that I'm not really good at this but
    I wanted to provide you the outline and some results and hey maybe someone wants to jump in and help at the project.

    All right as this game uses 3D Models, graphics and many more stuff
    which makes it so awesome I have some things in mind.
    For anyone who is not at least a bit experienced in romhacking this might sound like a second language, hopefully someone gets hooked here.xD

    Things accomplished

    - A complete table File
    - The LBA Table.
    - Ripped Font of all Files and being able to replace the font at will.
    - Basic Texture Hacking
    - Fixed the famous PAL Bug (WIP - only a very messy method so far)

    To dos:

    For instance one of my main goals would be to be able to read the Maps or at least be able to rip them.
    While the VRAM does store them it's a tedious work and you not always get the whole map which is why I would like to find a way to open those files.
    There is a folder named MAPS and it contans
    always a *.MAP and a *.TFS.
    I scanned with PSIcture through both and the map does contain some tim files which are rather useless though.
    Also MAP is always like half of the TFS which is why I'm sure the TFS must have the info.

    Although it is kinda messy you can see a graphics here.

    For reference I uploaded the mentioned TFS File and also a ".MAP" which goes with it somehow but seems to contain only some smallt TIM images and collision data.

    Goal 1 therefore:

    Be able to rip the Map Data completely ( My dream would be a map viewer/editor)

    Goal 2:

    The 3D models. They are stored in a format called MMD. While I can get TMD files out of it with TMDRIP (so it must use TMD) the result files are not "boned" the parts of the model are all out of the place.

    Rigging takes forever and would be an impossible task for the whole game (Although I got some models finished already but this is not the way.

    A way to view and save the models in OBJ or a similar format CORRECT (means alligned or build together whatever)

    Goal 3:[/b]
    This one is actually of course the biggest but at time being least important too.
    Although I figured out the table file and I can edit the ingame dialogue, I still haven't figured out the pointers, nor can add new dialogue.
    A way to make the reserved space longer and also adding new dialogues would be very awesome.

    (This is where ASM comes in )

    Work in Progress:

    So you don't think there is no progress at all things accomplished so far can be seen here:

    Pal Bug Fix


    Anyone with PSX Hacking knowledge and interested in this project is free to join me.
    Since all these hacks are rather superficial so far help is appreciated.

    Of course you are free to comment on the video and the tex hack too.
    So far I didn't really read much about PSX hacking so I'm rather a newbie.
    have no clue when it comes to ASM.
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    Default nice

    I hope your work has progressed a lot by now.

    I got the PS iso for this game and converted it into a PSP EBOOT.pbp file a few days ago been playing it ever since

    PSX2PSP <-- converts any psx game to an psp eboot i love it ^_^

    i have cfw proB 10 6.60 on my psp
    the game runs like its on the playstation never froze up so far.

    anyway by the sounds of it you were hacking it to run on pc and have it mod enabled. that would be awesome.

    I also do some c++, python programming. but i haven't hacked any roms yet..
    sounds fun/hard.

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