• Post in the right forum: We don't want to waste our time moving topics; Instead of deleting your topic, we move it to the appropriate forum category.
  • Do not go off topic: Slightly off-topic as long as there is still relevance to the main topic is fine.
  • Do not double post: If you need to add something, edit it instead.
  • Do not bump your own topic, unless it's a sales topic.
  • Rules on bumping sales thread: 1 bump per day.
  • No derogatory terms/languages directing at member and moderator. Applies to all party.
  • No insulting moderators. If there is an issue with a mod, bring it to an administrator's attention: Digimon or LordOfDragons or at the email:
  • Do not accuse anyone of hacking, scamming, slandering unless there is solid poof (screenshot of posts, conversations, PM's).
  • Any flame or abusive post will be dealt with harshly.
  • No advertisement/affiliation.
  • By using the forum. You are agreed to the rules and terms stated. Your IP address is being logged, failure to abide by these rules will get your account banned.

RULES regarding KSSN (Korean Social Security Number): The disclosure of KSSN on this site is strictly forbidden for identity protection purposes.

New Image Rules:

Two new rules will be enforced to reduce the loading and extensive length of the posts.
  1. All large images such as screenshots or wallpapers will be limited to 3 per post only!
  2. When quoting a post, please delete any large images that were intact with it.

New Server Maintenance Rule:

Game servers tend to have maintenance at least once a week sometimes more. During this time the servers are down and login screens give an error. This is normal so just wait a couple of hours then try again and do NOT create topics like "Why can't I log in?" or "When is the server back up again?".